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I find myself reflecting on this past weekend and wondering where the time has gone.  Not only did this weekend fly by, but time in general, it is something so precious that we quickly lose track of it.  We had such an amazing weekend celebrating another summer birthday.  Throughout our celebration, I continuously found myself reflecting on “our time together as a family.”  Maybe it was because my oldest turned twenty.  Maybe it was because I am completely enjoying this summer of having her back home again.  Maybe it is because I feel blessed to have a summer of working alongside of my daughter and learning from her…  More than ever, I realized that time is one of the most precious gifts that we have as a family.  And I enjoyed every minute of celebrating my daughter’s 20th birthday!

We have a tradition that when it’s someone’s birthday, they get to choose their favorite birthday meal.  It’s so true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Alexandra chose her favorite Salmon Recipe with Orzo Pasta and Tomato and Mozzarella Salad.  Yep, exactly what I would have chosen.  The food was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our time Around the Family Table.  I think everyone would agree that our favorite part of the evening was our Spoons game.  We laughed, we screamed and we giggled… and that’s truly the most precious gift we have for our family.

Time goes by fast, but the memories we create together will last a lifetime. 

We hope this week’s Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals inspire you to spend time Around the Family Table.  I am really looking forward to these gorgeous recipes from our talented contributors.  Many of our favorite recipes have come from the Easy Meals submitted from our #WeekdaySupper contributors.



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