Potato and Chorizo Bites #SundaySupper

Potato and chorizo bites 550

These Potato and Chorizo Bites dipped in Portuguese Piri-Piri Sauce are perfect little bites for any get-together.  This recipe takes me right back to childhood Summers in Portugal. We spent our days on the beach of Peniche and many times would enjoy lunch at one of the Tascas close to the beach. Our menu mostly… 

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Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese and Chorizo Port Wine Sauce

beef with port wine and blue cheese 2P

Please tell me that I am not the only one that loves picky food more than an actual elaborate sit down meal. This is especially true during the Holidays. I love hearty apps that I get excited about by just looking at them. After all, who doesn’t like eating with their eyes. I was honored… 

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Chicken and Chorizo Nachos #SundaySupper

Chicken and Chorizo Nachos #SundaySupper

If you have been following me for any time at all, you know that Football Season is the highlight of our year. At one point, we had four football games every week. Football has been a big part of our lives and memories. And of course it wouldn’t be football season without get togethers with… 

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Family Foodie Charcuterie Board #SundaySupper

Charcuterie Board #SundaySupper

Have I told you how much I love this week’s #SundaySupper event? There are so many reasons, how do I count the ways? If you follow me on instagram, you will know exactly why. For starters, my family loves when I make a Charcuterie Board. One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday… 

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Egg and Chorizo Wraps #WeekdaySupper

Egg and Chorizo Wrap #WeekdaySupper

This Weekday Supper recipe was born out of desperation, not creativity. Most moms and many dads can relate – every once in a while, we let our kids sign up for too many things. They love the school sports but they also signed up for the recreational team. Yep, it was one of those nights… 

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Chorizo Manchego Toast Tapas #SundaySupper

Chorizo and Manchego Tapas #SundaySupper

I love tapas! I can honestly say that I am one of those people that can enjoy small bites more than a large meal.  This weekend, Ron and I have done something that we don’t do enough, we have spent the weekend at the  Epicurean Hotel, right here in Tampa Bay. It is a new hotel… 

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Carne de Porco Alentejana | Portuguese Pork and Clams |Happy Birthday #SundaySupper

Portuguese Pork and Clams #SundaySupper

Can you believe that it has been two years since our very first #SundaySupper? When I think back to that First Progressive Dinner with eight blogger friends, I get chills thinking about where we started and how far we have come in two short years. We had so much fun during our first #SundaySupper Progressive… 

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Cornbread Stuffing with Chorizo and Craisins #SundaySupper

Stuffind with Chorizo and Craisins #SundaySupper

It is so true that life is a journey.  As I write this post, I can’t help but reflect on how much my life has changed over the past two years.  I chuckle a bit as I continue to be amazed as to how this all has happened and come about.  Although it all began… 

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Sunday Supper One Pot Pork and Chorizo #SundaySupper

Portuguese Pork and Chorizo

I always say that the family table can be anywhere.  While I cherish all those moments around our kitchen table and those special occasions in our dining room, sometimes Sunday’s are made to be in the family room.  This is especially true in our home during Football Season.  When certain teams play, I have a… 

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This Week’s Easy Weekday Supper Recipes #WeekdaySupper

Local Top Chef Winners

This Weeks Easy Weekday Supper Recipes:  Monday – Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks – Cajun Pork and Peppers Fettuccine Alfredo Tuesday – Supper For A Steal – Jerk Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa Wednesday – Happy Baking Days – Risotto Primavera Thursday – Small Wallet, Big Appetite – Southwestern Crock Pot Baked Sweet Potatoes Friday – Growing Up Gabel – Grilled Chicken Gyros with Tzatiki Cucumber… 

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