Chicken Fajita Bowls #WeekdaySupper #McSkilletSauce

Chicken Fajita Bowls #WeekdaySupper

I don’t know about you, but at our house, we love love love fajitas! My boys love them made with chicken, beef, pork and even shrimp or fish. And you all know how much we love rice over here. I make double batches of Portuguese Rice on a weekly basis because it is perfect for… 

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Arugula Tomato and Beans Flatbread #SundaySupper

Arugula Tomato Beans Flatbread

Our family has a little addiction. It was born out of convenience. Getting a family our size to agree on every meal is tough. Flatbreads are a great way to let everyone customize their dinners. The kids love making their own and adding favorite toppings.  They quickly became an obsession around here.. We have been… 

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White Bean, Corn, Tomato and Rice Skillet #SundaySupper

White Beans, Corn, Tomato Rice Skillet #SundaySupper

This is one of my least fussy- throw it together and go Sunday Supper Recipes. Here is the thing, you can make almost any substitutions at all to this recipe. Got leftover broccoli? Throw it in. Love chicken or salmon? Throw it in. It truly is that kind of recipe that is so easy to… 

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Sausage Peppers and Onions Pasta Casserole #SundaySupper

Sausage Peppers and Onions Casserole

Remember Sausage Peppers and Onions? It may not be the trendiest of dish, but boy is it delish! Years ago, there were few get togethers that didn’t include a tray of sausage peppers and onions. Many loved it the traditional way, with the red sauce. But I always make my sausage peppers and onions with… 

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Tomato Goat Cheese and Arugula Flatbread #SundaySupper

Tomato Goat Cheese and Arugula Faltbread #SundaySupper

There was actually a time in my life that I had a slice of pizza every. single. day. I am really dating myself here, but when I was in high school, a $1.50 would buy me a slice of pizza, a small drink and a brownie. So, there you have it. For four years, that… 

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Beef Tenderloin Citrus Arugula Salad #SundaySupper

Beef Tenderloin Citrus Arugula Salad pm

What a year 2014 has been! Truly a year that I will never forget in so many ways. The best part of it all was connecting with so many of you in person. I love the digital world but I have to admit, there is nothing like meeting in person. I will never forget all… 

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Brie Cheese Blackberry Bites #SundaySupper

Brie Cheese Blackberry Bites

This week for Sunday Supper, we are on the hunt! I have to admit, when Stacy of Food Lust People Love and Tara of Noshing With the Nolands, brought up this week’s Sunday Supper theme, a great big smile came across my face. Dishes that include wild game like venison, boar, and rabbit or vegetarian… 

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Flatbread #SundaySupper

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Flatbread

November is here and I can’t help but think about some of my favorite comfort foods. Sweet potatoes, soups and of course roasts always come to mind. I love slow roasting veggies and letting their natural flavor come through by adding just a tad of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and pepper…. 

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Holiday Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes and Corn #SundaySupper

Beef with Sweet Potatoes 2 logo

I am one of those people that loves to plan for the holidays. I love trying new recipes and really enjoy making our holiday meal feel special when everyone sits down at the table. But I also like to make our festivities stress free and a very relaxing environment. So I look for dishes that… 

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Orecchiette Pasta with Brie Broccoli and Tomatoes Recipe #SundaySupper

Orecchietta Pasta with Brie, Broccoli and Tomatoes #SundaySupper

What do you think of when you think of budget food? I know that many times I think of, unhealthy, canned or processed foods come to mind. The Sunday Supper Family is proving that budget friendly doesn’t have to be that way. This week, we are sharing our favorite budget friendly recipes and many of… 

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