One of the perks of being a blogger is that you receive many cookbooks.  You have no idea how exciting it is for someone like me to open up the mailbox and see that large yellow envelope knowing that there is a cookbook inside.  Yes, this is the kind of stuff that sends my heart […]


I love salads.  I could eat them every day and honestly, do most days.  The only person that I can think of that loves salads more than me is my daughter Alex.  This summer, I had the pleasure of working with Alex.  It came as quite a surprise to both of us but we really […]


Every year I greet this season with mixed emotion.  On the one hand,  as a working mom,  I am relieved to be able to schedule appointments without feeling guilty that my kids are home and can’t go swimming or have friends over until I return.  On the other hand, I miss the days of casual […]


It feels good to be back!  I had no idea how much I missed it until I was away for two weeks.  I didn’t think that it would be possible for me to stay away for two weeks but it happened, and during this time I was so busy that I didn’t even realize that […]


The start of summer means a lot of things to me. Beach days, hanging out with old friends, minimal school (I’m only taking 1 class online) and healthy eating. During the school year, it just isn’t possible for me to make sure every meal I eat is a healthy one. It usually comes down to […]


Today I decided to make a turkey alfalfa sprout sandwich that has been one of my favorites for years. My mom has been making this sandwich for me since middle school, and I had forgotten about it until recently. I would eat this exact same sandwich every single day of the school week… it’s THAT […]


There is something about Baby and Wedding Showers.  Is it the waiting, is it the anticipation, is it that it feels like a new beginning?  It’s hard to put our finger on it but there is something just so exciting.   I love being part of any type of Shower and was so excited when […]


Alexandra came home from college this weekend, and I love making something special to welcome her home.  If you could believe it, she loves Salmon as much as I do.  When I made Salmon with Tomatoes, Onions, Olives and Capers last week, I couldn’t help but miss her and wish she was home to enjoy […]


Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad #SundaySupper

February 17, 2013
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Do you remember how I told you that I just didn’t care for Tuna Salad?  Well, I have a confession.  Chicken salad is a whole other story. I love Chicken Salad and could probably eat it every day of the week.  I love the kind that is made with grapes and almonds.  The kind that […]

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Garlic and Herb Chicken Quesadillas #SauteExpress #WeekdaySupper

January 28, 2013
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What are weekday meals like at your house? At our home, it depends on the time of year. Our craziest time is football season. For a couple of years, not only did we have practice every day of the week, but we had four football games every week. Ronnie played JV High School Football on […]

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