The summer is almost over, my kiddos are back to school, I am a little sad but and I also am looking forward to Labor Day Weekend. This weekend is filled with memories for me. We were married on Labor Day Weekend and Reis was born on our anniversary. We love to celebrate with family […]


What should I make for dinner? That is what I found myself asking my family recently. Ron chimed in — You haven’t made that Chicken Recipe with the angel hair pasta and white wine sauce that you used to make when we first moved to Florida. For a minute, I couldn’t recall what recipe that […]


I have a little secret to share with you today, everything tastes really good if you add macaroni and cheese to it. You can’t imagine all the things that I have snuck into macaroni and cheese that my kids would never eat.  I know what you are thinking; my family would never eat broccolini. But […]


  A meatball is just a meatball, or so I thought.  Meatballs have been around forever and ever and just when I thought I had tried them all, after spending a weekend at Rosen Shingle Creek, I realized that there may be a new specifies around.  We admittedly are a meatball family, they are at […]


Happy Labor Day Weekend!  At our house, we love this weekend for many reasons.  Ron and I were married 22 years ago on this day and Reis was born on Labor Day Weekend.  That stinker waited 3 minutes to be born on our anniversary.   This is also the second week for the boys football […]


Today is a very special day… it’s Family Foodie’s birthday! How awesome is it that her birthday happened to fall on a Sunday? Everyone in our house knows Sunday is Mom’s favorite day because she gets to celebrate Sunday Supper with everyone, and now she’s getting to celebrate her birthday with you all, too! This […]


As a super busy mom of four, I really appreciate quick and easy meals that are wholesome and tasty.  My kids are spoiled, they love really good food and have developed quite a mature palate at a young age.  The one thing that I learned over the years is that stocking my freezer really helps […]


Happy Mother’s Day Friends!   May your table be filled with great conversation, incredible food and memories that will last a lifetime.   I am blessed to be spending the day with My Mother and My Children.  There is nothing like the unconditional love of family.  My husband surprised me and made reservations for Mother’s Day. […]


Skillet Lemon Pepper Pork and Orzo #SauteExpress #SundaySupper

January 27, 2013

When I think of quick and easy Weekday Supper Meals, I immediately think of thinly sliced lemon pepper pork medallions.  I love them because I can whip up a delicious meal for my family in minutes.  Two minutes on each side and BOOM, you are done.  When I heard about the New Sauté Express® Sauté […]

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Broccoli Ricotta Pasta #WeekdaySupper

January 25, 2013
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Everyone has that super easy go to recipe that they can whip up in no time for dinner during a busy week.  For me, broccoli ricotta pasta is that recipe and one of my favorites.  I can remember trying it for the first time when my kids were little at a friends house.  My kids […]

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