Chicken and Pepper Rice with Fried Egg #SundaySupper

Chicken Pepper Rice with Fried Egg

Happy Mother’s Day friends! I am lucky enough to be hosting a brunch for Maezinha and my Mother-in-law. Holidays are always special but today I feel truly blessed to have my children celebrating with all four grandparents. It is a special day in so many ways. I am sharing a family favorite recipe -Chicken and… 

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Family Friendly Easy Weeknight Recipes & Summer Fun #WeekdaySupper

Summer Vacation Fun

Happy Monday!  This morning, I find myself thinking about all the wonderful memories this past week has brought.  The summer is winding down for us.  College is just around the corner for the older two and my younger two will starting a new school this year.  It’s so hard to believe that my youngest will… 

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Vo-Vo’s Famous Strawberry Cheesecake #SundaySupper

Vo-vo's famous strawberry cheesecake

By now you all know how much Vo-Vo loves to bake.  This grandma is a baking dynamo! One of her absolute favorite things to bake is Vo-Vo’s famous Strawberry Cheesecake.  She bakes a cheesecake for every birthday party and every celebration.  We all look forward to and  love Vo-Vo’s Cheesecake, it is creamy and just melts… 

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Chorizo Bread | Pao Caseiro com Chourico #SundaySupper

Chorizo Bread

Are you up for the challenge?  You know the kind of challenge I am talking about, right?  That one food item that you love but you find it too difficult to try at home.   For me, that means baking, especially baking bread.  But there is this one bread that I crave more often than… 

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Portuguese Rice Pudding | Arroz Doce #SundaySupper

Arroz Doce Portuguese Rice Pudding

I love to entertain and enjoy the company of family and friends.  But I have to admit, many times budget is one of the things that can hold me back from entertaining a large crowd.  Sometimes it’s really nice to have  a budget friendly recipe that goes a long way but also looks  and tastes… 

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Portuguese Easter Bread | Folar de Pascoa #SundaySupper

Portuguese Easter Bread Folar de Pascoa

I just returned from a fabulous trip from Chicago.  I chuckle, because it appears that most of my business trips, morph into friendships that may possibly last a lifetime.  This trip was no different, I sat up later than normal chatting with my new friends into the wee hours.  I loved hearing about their family… 

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Rissóis de Camarão | Portuguese Shrimp Dumplings #SundaySupper

Portuguese Shrimp Dumplings

I  have to be honest with you about this week’s Sunday Supper event, Valentine’s Day is not a big deal in our home.  What we usually do is cook something together that the whole family loves.  Something that is a little more time consuming than normal BUT totally worth it.  One of our absolute favorites… 

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Portuguese Chicken Casserole | Frango a Portuguesa

Portuguese Chicken Potato Chorizo Casserole

As I write this post, I am scurrying around preparing to leave for the Cookbook Conference in New York City.  I have the honor of speaking at the conference and meeting with some of my friends that I have met through Sunday Supper.  It is a challenge getting everything ready for the conference and making… 

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Portuguese Crown Pork Roast | Home for the Holidays #SundaySupper

Portuguese Crown Pork Roast

I love traditions.  In our home, they are such a huge part of our holidays.  My children have grown up also loving traditions and love that we make holiday meals at our home special.  There is something to be said about getting out the china, silver and crystal and sitting in the dining room.  We… 

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