Family Foodie Featured Friday: Vintage Kitchen Notes

Family Foodie Featured Friday is a weekly feature in which one member of the Sunday Supper Family will be introduced. Pull up a chair and meet the family! Please welcome this week’s Sunday Supper Super Star.

Vintage Kitchen Notes logoToday on Family Foodie Featured Friday: Paula from Vintage Kitchen Notes

Who is Paula:  I’m from the southern hemisphere, living in the city of Buenos Aires.

Food is my passion and my interest started early in my grandmother´s kitchen, learning how to make her apple crisp. It increases each year, with emphasis on baking more than cooking; I love any recipe with yeast or dulce de leche.

I started blogging less than two years ago at Vintage Kitchen Notes, as a way to share the enormous amount of recipes and information in my extensive cookbook/magazine collection. All sprinkled with some anecdotes from a different culture and language. I write another food blog in Spanish, Cocina Central, and owned a small cafe during three years. But my real job right involves handmade textiles using noble materials.

Her favorite #SundaySupper theme so far:  Lentil and Chorizo Stew – this is my favorite way of eating lentils, and a recipe I treasure. I was happy to see my readers enjoyed it so much as well, since it’s my most visited Sunday Supper recipe of all time. I love every single one of the ingredients, starting with the chorizo, of course!

Chorizo and Lentil Stew from Vintage Kitchen Notes

Her most popular #SundaySupper post:  8-Hour Cheesecake with Roasted Grapes – the Long and Slow event led me to this recipe, which I consider the best cheesecake I ever made. And I’ve made a ton! Add to it roasted grapes, another superb discovery, and I might just eat this non-stop for days. Maybe I did…

8-hour Cheesecake with Roasted Grapes from Vintage Kitchen Notes

Fun Fact:  I love flying, courtesy of my pilot father. Being in the air is one of my favorite things to do, especially in small planes, and it has taken me around the world. I flew on a World War II DC-3 plane while in South Africa many years ago and a couple of other strange looking ones.  And two weeks ago I actually flew on my own for a couple of hours, though my father was beside me, since I don’t have a license, yet!

fun fact about Paula from Vintage Kitchen Notes

Features: Huffington Post, The Kitchn, Foodista

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I hope that you enjoyed meeting another Sunday Supper member. Please join me again next Friday to meet another member of the family.


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    What a great and exciting hobby, Paula! As you know, I’ve been in small planes before with my father-in-law at the helm but I can’t even imagine being in control. And I should pick your brains about internship opportunities for my younger daughter who is studying textiles at Rhode Island School of Design!

    I love these features, Heather! My fellow Sunday Supper bloggers are some of the most interesting people on the planet! And I am delighted to get to know them better.

  2. says

    Great to know even more about you Paula!! Your site is one of my favorites, great post!! I love how blogging can bring us so close yet we are a world away!

  3. says

    OMG Isabel, it’s so great to be here! And tha picture from a million years ago, it made my day; such a great time in my life!
    This group is awesome. As I said in next sunday’s preview post, I’ll be forever grateful for all I’ve learned from all of you.

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    Soooooo impressed that Paula is a pilot! With or without the license – what a feat! And I’m consistently impressed by the gorgeous gourmet goodies. I trust the textiles are just as gorgeous. What a talented lady lurking behind the Vintage Kitchen Notes!

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    This is the best blog series ever! I am learning so many cool things about our Sunday Supper family. Paula, I’ve always known that you’re an incredible, brave, ballsy woman but dang, flying planes! I bow down to you. That makes you even more kick ass in my eyes!

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    Loved learning a little bit more about Paula (my #SS mentor – I’m forever grateful!). I also really like this series so I can discover some recipes our members did before I joined the group. That lentil and chorizo stew just went to the VERY TOP of my list of things to make soon!

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