Portuguese Recipes at the Heart of Sunday Supper #SundaySupper

David Leite Roasted Chicken Roasted Vegetables and Sauteed Spinach

This week’s Sunday Supper was a pleasure and so special for me.  As a longtime reader of Leites Culinaria, I was honored to have David breaking bread with us.  I anxiously awaited to see what David would be serving for Sunday Supper.

When I received this tweet and opened the picture, I smiled from ear to ear.

davidleiteMar 25, 4:44pm via Instagram Roasted herbed chicken, roasted vegetables, sautéed spinach. #sundaysupper instagr.am/p/Im_dPYiIBt/

All I can say is… “It’s a Portuguese thing.”   We almost always serve our meals with all the ingredients together on a platter.

David is guest host on the Martha Stewart Living Radio program “Cooking Today” on SiriusXM channel 110. Join him Monday March 26, Wednesday March 28, and Friday March 28 from 3 pm to 4 pm EDT.

I think I may have inspired David just a tad. “Sunday supper has always meant casual and convivial eating. It was the one meal of the week that food was almost an afterthought. When I was a kid, sometime my dad and I would warm up what we had for Sunday dinner (that’s what we called the noon meal) and lean against the sink, or sit on the back porch, eating and talking. Other times, he, mom, and I would sit at the kitchen island laughing while passing bowls and plates. And still other times we would join my grandparents at their home for a simple bowl of soup, a humble roast, fresh bread, and stories. TV and radio were–and still are–not allowed while eating. Although today my own Sunday suppers traditions may be more elaborate, they’re just as casual and warm as my family’s meals. The only difference? We allow radio.” On Wednesday’s Radio Show, David will be sharing his absolute favorite Sunday Supper with us.

Inspiration is the heart of Sunday Supper and I was so inspired by Teresa Sousa’s Recipe for Bacalhau a Braz.  I connected with Teresa on twitter @teresaThotel and knew mmediately that I had a new friend.  We have shared recipes, travels and stories about our children.  I love her take on Family Meals and the importance of Tradition.  Her recipe is fabulous!

For a better understanding of my love for food and joy in bringing my children into the kitchen, I have to share some of my family traditions.
When I was a kid we always had our meals together, I try to keep the tradition, no TV during meals, meal time is to talk about your day.
Both my parents cooked, however my father was the only one that shared the kitchen with me, i was about 10 years old when he taught me to do “pasteis massa tenra”, not an easy task at that age. Due to illness he retired very earlier in his life, so we enjoyed all our free time around the kitchen trying some old recipes from my grandmother and great-grandmother. He loved to try new flavors, we made several experiments. My mother didn’t allow us to share the kitchen, but would always let us see what she was doing.
I really love to cook, it’s my way to take away the stress and face sad moments. When I feel sad I like to bake.
With my kids (at the time 8yo and twins with 4yo) I want them to understand the smell, the taste and the texture of every ingredient. So i decided to bring them into the kitchen every time they want to help, or just to smell pepper, lemon, coriander, or any other ingredient i bring from the market. They started around the age of 3, doing small tasks like washing lettuce, shredding lettuce to the salad, cutting strawberries with a plastic knife, stirring jello, putting the chocolate squares into the muffins.
I am making a new tradition, every saturday I bake something new with them (even if they always ask for chocolate cake). And i am planning to start my kitchen garden in the kitchen balcony for them to understand how vegetables grow.
They all love food including greens, none of them refuses to try new flavours.
Some parents love to play football with the kids, I love to cook. ~Teresa Sousa[print_this]

Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

Bacalhau a Braz  (serves 5)

  • 3 lbs potatoes
  • 1 lb Cod Fish or dried Bacalhau (I have used both versions)
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 8 large eggs
  • Oil to deep fry the potatoes
  • Salt and black pepper to season
  • Black olives
  • Fresh Parsley or corianders
1) peel and cut the potatoes to  matchstick size
Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

2) cut the onion and the garlic in fine julienne
3) shred the raw codfish into thin flakes
4) deep fry the potatoes until golden and crispy

Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

Bacalhau a Braz Recipe

5) place the olive oil in the pan and add the onion and garlic, low heat until it soften. It shouldn’t turn brown.

6) add the codfish (drain it well so that you don’t add water to the pan – you can use a paper towel). Gentle cook the cod fish just for 2 minutes. Don’t over cook it.
7) take it out of the heat and add the potatoes, mix it gently.
8) taste the mixture in the pan to see if you need to add salt (if so add it to the eggs in the next step).
9) beat the eggs and season it with salt and black pepper.
10) bring the cod mix to a medium heat and add the eggs. Gently mix it and cook it to your taste. It should be creamy at the end.

Add fresh chopped parsley and black olives on top. You can substitute parsley by coriander
Serve with a green salad.[/print_this]

Kid rating: Ronnie 9, Reis 9.5, Riley 8 (we made a small version with more potatoes and less cod for Riley and surprisingly he liked it)

* I love making this recipe with leftovers too.  I will sometimes cook extra Cod for Sunday Supper and make this dish and just pop it in the oven on for Dinner on Monday

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