Honored to share #SundaySupper with Cristina Ferrare @cristinacooks

Big Bowl of Love Cookbook Cristina FerrareHave you ever had a cookbook that you just love… the recipes almost became a part of the family?  You know it so well that you start to feel like you have connected with the author.  That’s how I feel about Cristina Ferrare and her recipes.  I was given her Cookbook, Family Entertaining Celebrating the Life of the Home,  shortly after Reis was born and have enjoyed cooking from it ever since.

When I opened the first pages years ago and saw that it was dedicated to her Nony, I immediately fell in love. Cristina honored her Nony, “All her life she has loved her family, friends, cooking and eating.”  It was at a time in my life when I was ready to cook more and share the world with my family through our meals.  I had a one year old, 4 year old and 6 year old and was starting to truly understand the importance of time Around the Family Table.

One of the first recipes I tried was Chicken Piccata.  I can not begin to tell you how many times my family has enjoyed this recipe and continues to crave it since that day.  This recipe has grown up with my family.  I now serve my version over pasta so I add Chicken Broth  to make more sauce.

I was thrilled when Cristina and I recently connected and felt like I was reunited with an old friend.  I called Cristina prior to my Saturday morning ritual, the Farmer’s Market. I love to be inspired by seasonal foods every week and to my surprise, Cristina answered the phone and said, “I am so glad you called before I left for the Saturday Market.” Our conversation continued around our families and mutual love for time Around the Family Table.  Just like her Nony, her love for her family, friends, cooking and eating is apparent when you speak to her.  Cristina was more wonderful in person than I even imaged through her recipes!

I am honored to be breaking bread Around the Family Table with Cristina and to share recipes from her second Cookbook, Big Bowl of Love.  As much as I love the original, Big Bowl of Love has won my heart over.  I was excited to share this fabulous cookbook with the talented Food Bloggers and Recipe Developers from our Sunday Supper Group. They were as excited about Cristina’s recipe style as I was.  These gals are passionate about cooking and when you get a thumbs up from them, you know you’ve hit a home run!

We are honored to add a leaf to our table and share Cristina’s Recipes with you during  #SundaySupper this week.  What do you think of our favorites?

Our recipes will be perfectly paired with wine chosen by Wine Every Day.

Join us this week and break bread us!  We love your recipes, tips and inspiration and love connecting with new friends.  The fun starts at 3pm EST and lasts all afternoon until dinner time and sometimes beyond.  All you have to do is follow the hashtag #sundaysupper on twitter or follow along on TweetChat.  There is always room Around the Family Table for you.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for featuring recipes from Big Bowl of Love for Sunday Supper. I am truly so honored and grateful. I LOVE our community of food lovers and love being in this world where we can all come together and share our love for our families and passion for great food and conversation around the dinner table.
    Thank you for bringing families back to the dinner table!

    • FamilyFoodie says

      Cristina you are such a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to an amazing #SundaySupper with amazing recipes from your cookbook!

    • FamilyFoodie says

      Angie~ I bet your Risotto will be fabulous! One day my friend, we will break bread together…. I just know it!


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