Meatball Salad Around the Family Table

Merrell Vendemia

Around the Family Table with Merrell …

When I look at our Kitchen Table, it is so much more than just a piece of furniture in our home. It is certainly not the most expensive piece of furniture that we own.   This poor thing has been used and abused. It has scratches and dents on top. We tend to keep place settings set at all times so that its imperfections are not obvious to guests.

When I look at it, I don’t see its imperfections. I see comfort, laughter, tears and transitions. I see Sunday Supper, history, and I see lots of character.  I see sticky fingers, homework, card games and reminders of our “no thank you bite policy.” Our Kitchen Table has been through ups and downs with us but it’s always there waiting for us and offers comfort every time we gather Around the Family Table.

Who would have known when I found this beauty so long ago that it would be such a big part of our lives?  It is really quite simple and there isn’t much to the design but when you really look at each scratch and dent, you can almost read our story and family mission.

I have always known how much spending time Around the Family Table has meant to me, but I did not realize how much it meant to my children until my oldest left for college.   On the morning she left for college, she told me the thing she would miss most was the time spent Around the Family Table.  For us, it all started with Sunday Supper and soon became a way of life.  I will always treasure how much Alexandra loved meatballs and when she tried meatball salad, she was immediately addicted.

It is true, the Family Table is the heart of our home and where memories that will last a lifetime are made.  Like our table, the food that we serve is simple but unforgettable.  Our family meals are about so much more than food.  Our time Around the Family Table comforts and feeds our family with the ingredients they need to face the world on their own.

Meatball Salad

While we love enjoying a good meal made up of  Meatballs and Pasta Around the Family Table for Sunday Supper, and love using our leftovers as a base for easy Weekday Suppers.  The first time we enjoyed meatballs on top of a bed of salad was at a restaurant in South Florida.  Ron and I couldn’t believe how much we enjoyed this combination and decided that we must make this at home.  Once the meatballs are made, there really is nothing to it and you are set for easy weekday supper.   Sometimes I use Portuguese Meatballs  and other times my Traditional Family Meatballs.  There really is no wrong way to make this  fabulous meatball meal.

I make a salad bed with Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and dress with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.  Throw in a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper and you are go to go!  The best part is the splash of parmesan cheese on top of the meatballs..  Delish!

I am a believer that everyone needs a mission.  Whether you are a brand or a family, creating a mission is one of the most important things you can do!  We talk to our children about our family mission and they understand that we are in this together.  It is our obligation as a family to make a difference.  We are grounded in our Sunday Supper Mission.

I have been inspired by Merrell to get outside and make a difference with my family.  We are taking the Merrell Challenge as a family and loving every minute of it.  I love a brand with a great mission and Merrell is on a mission to get us all outside!

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    Great idea and one that we have often too. I thought I was the only “weird” one. If there is spaghetti left over – we throw that in too. Of of our go-to meals when we have left overs is what we call a “garbage salad.” It could have meatballs in it, maybe add some roasted peppers in the fridge. Really almost anything that tastes good would be good in a salad.

    Keep on promoting the Sunday Supper Mission!

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