Mother’s Day Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie #cookformom #SundaySupper

You have no idea how much I am  enjoying featuring some of my favorite Dad’s this week for Mother’s Day.  So many wonderful memories came back to me thinking about how I met these great men. One person comes to mind when I think …. loving husband, great father, all around awesome guy!  @fsutoby and I met on twitter when I was a total twitter newbie and he invited me to my first ever Tweetup.  Without knowing what to expect, I said yes.

Let me tell you, this was no ordinary Tweetup, this was to this day, the best tweetup I have ever been invited to participate in. Not only will I say so, Reis and Riley still talk about that awesome day!  Toby’s client, Dunkin Donuts, sponsored a delicious day of donuts, sandwiches, flatbread, coffee, iced drinks and…. Kennedy Space Center.  My boys had an absolute blast and so did I.  We had lunch with a for real astronaut!

It was so well done, that I knew immediately that I would be wise to pay attention to  Toby’s Social Media Strategies.  This guy gets Social Media, PR and understands how to connect Brands and their Consumers. Speaking of well done… Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is a must try. I am so glad Toby has introduced me to their Pizza, wings and my oh my…. the best eggplant I have ever tasted.  I love eggplant and when I tell you this is the best… I am not kidding!  This is a talented restaurant that welcomes you and your family with great hospitality and delicious food.  Everything Toby touches is well done.

I have had the honor of breaking bread with Toby and his lovely wife @sleeeping and the infamous Frick and Frack.   You must follow @fsutoby to hear about all the adventures of Frick and Frack… they are the best and will keep you in stitches!

I love that Toby and his family are Around the Family Table this Sunday Supper! Happy Mother’s Day Sarah. Here is his post and recipe:

I am blessed to have known my wife Sara (@sleeeping) for almost 14 years and married to her for almost 11.  She has been a great mom to our wonderful son and daughter, Bailey (Frick, 8) and Riley (Frack, 4).  She is a terrific cook and recently stumbled upon a recipe that has all three of us drooling every time she brings it to our kitchen table.

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie by Kevin {&} Amanda

Can’t wait to try the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brown Recipe. A must have Sunday Supper Dessert.  Along with being an awesome Husband and amazing Dad to Frick and Frack, Toby is the Social Media Director, @OGPR. President-elect, @PRSAGreaterFtLd. Die-hard FSU & Tampa Bay Rays fan.

We are honored to have partnered with Kitchen Aid this Mother’s Day for their #CookforMom Mother’s Day Contest. Join the fun and Pin it to win! #SundaySupper #cookformom Kitchenaid Contest


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