Recognizing The Years Best Apps #SundaySupper #Oscars Party

As much as I love sitting Around the Family Table for Sunday Supper, every once in a while we put rules aside for Special Occasions.  While The Oscars may not be the most important event in our lives, we love sitting down and watching the event with our kids and friends.

This group of amazing Food Bloggers put together and amazing Appetizer #Oscars Appetizer Menu! It really is Oscar Worthy!

Without further Adieu, Recognizing the Nominee’s for this year’s best #SundaySupper Apps

  • Best Cocktail goes to  Angie from  Big Bears Wife  with her Vanilla Whipped Creamsicle Cocktail
  • Antipasto in the Leading Role goes to Jen from Juanitas Cocina  with her Homemade Ricotta & Antipasto Platter
  • Appetizer in Foreign Language goes to Rashmi from Primlani Kitchen  for her La Vita e’ Bella Crostini ~ Ricotta Roasted Squash & Sage Crostini Paired with Midnight in Paris Cocktail with Champagne Pomegranate
  • Appetizerography goes to Valerie from Val’s Food and OrArt with her Easy puffed Pastry with Brie & Goat Cheese Stuffing and Hugo in the Tropics Harry Navel
  • Appetizer in Supporting Role goes to Renee from Magnolia Days  with her Baked Goat Cheese in Tomato Sauce
  • Directing in the Kitchen goes to Liz from That Skinny Chick Can Bake with her Gourgeres and Cream Puffs, Parisian Cheese Puffs, Midnight in Paris
  • Short Appetizer goes to Launie from Teeny Tiny Kitchen for her Tamari Chex mix with Almonds
  •  Animated Feature Appetizer goes to Nicole from Daily Dish Recipes for her Garlic Chicken Puffs
  • Appetizeress in Leading Role goes to Isabel from Family Foodie  for Intensity Academy’s Iron Shrimp
The Best Supporting Appetizer goes to…
Join us and find out … This #Oscars Party is guaranteed to be a great #SundaySupper full of surprises!  You don’t want to miss the fun! What could be better than great friends, great food and great entertainment.
Join the #SundaySupper fun Around the Family Table. Even if this week’s table is in the Family room!
Truly that’s what #SundaySupper is all about…. the memories made around great people and great food!



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