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Rosen Shingle Creek

Football is in full swing and there is practice during the week and games starting on Friday night and ending Saturday night.  Ron and I have settled into quite a routine after 14 years and we have become quite creative when trying to find time outside of football even if it means packing the kids in the car arriving at one of our favorite resorts,  Rosen Shingle Creek, at midnight.  We are always on the go this time of year and we wouldn’t change a thing.

By the time our anniversary and Reis’s birthday roll around, we are always ready for a mini-vacation. This summer was busier than ever.  We had our Inaugural Food and Wine Conference at Rosen Shingle Creek and my kids were great sports and part of our volunteer team.   They fell in love with the magnificent Rosen Shingle Creek Resort during the conference.  As you can imagine, we were so busy that there was little time to enjoy all the amenities.  I promised them we would be back for a family getaway very soon.

Rosen Shingle Creek Chocolate Football

Since Labor Day Weekend was Reis’s Birthday and our Anniversary,  it was the perfect time for us to getaway and relax as a family. We had the time of our lives and Rosen Shingle Creek helped us create memories that will last a lifetime.  Can you imagine Reis’s face when we walked into our room after a day at the football field and there was a chocolate football and cupcake waiting for him?

Ron and I truly enjoyed our days by the pool and the boys enjoyed playing volleyball, fishing off the docks and golfing.    I caught up on my reading while enjoying a margarita from Cat-Tails Pool Bar?  They are just awesome!

Birthday Dinner at Cala Bella'sThe absolute highlight to our stay was our Sunday Supper dinner at Cala Bella’s.  The food was phenomenal, the service impeccable, but what we enjoyed most, was that although it was upscale, it was a very comfortable and a relaxed family setting.  It is not often that we enjoy Sunday Supper away from home and when we do, we want it to be a memorable experience. Once again, Reis was treated to a special dessert in honor of his birthday.  Can you say big, big smiles?

Stuffed Meatballs We loved our entire menu from appetizer to dessert, but the dish that we all woke up talking about the next morning was the Stuffed Meatballs.  They were out of this world and the boys made me promise that I would try to get the recipe so that we could make them at home.  We were lucky enough to have Chef Dan Nester share his stuffed meatball recipe and we now have a new favorite Sunday Supper meatball recipe to enjoy.

We had a blast and can’t wait to go back to Rosen Shingle Creek for another family getaway very soon.  It was so wonderful to see the family side of this beautiful resort.  I love that they plan memorable and fun events for families throughout the year.   They are hosting their first Halloween Family Friendly event - The Sleepy Hollow Sleepover sounds like a blast for families of all ages.   A horse drawn wagon will take you around Shingle Creek. The Headless Horseman may pass through for only a peek. Perhaps sing a tune, but try not to squeak with Spooky Karaoke only found at the Creek. Drinks will be sipped and food will be there. Eat, play, and stay without even a care.  Get all the details HERE… I’m hoping we can take time away from football and head over to Shingle Creek for this fun event!

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Betsy @ Desserts Required October 1, 2013 at 9:36 pm

Your entire family deserved to be pampered at Rosen Shingle Creek. What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary and your baby boy’s birthday!


Nancy @ gottagetbaked October 2, 2013 at 6:01 pm

Rosen Shingle Creek sounds absolutely phenomenal, Isabel. Talk about top notch service! They really went above and beyond making Reis’ birthday and your anniversary weekend special. I’m glad you and your family had a fabulous time and were pampered. You deserve it!


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