#SundaySupper trending #1 on Twitter

#sundaysupper trending #1 on twitter

#SundaySupper trending #1 on Twitter

July 18, 2011.  What a memorable date for me. I will always remember this date, not because of a birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation.  This was the date of my very first blog post.  My oldest had just left for college and I was adapting to so many changes.  My first blog post was about the importance of traditions within our family, even if it’s just celebrating special occasions with pancakes for breakfast.  In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined how that first post would have evolved.  One year and a couple of days, July 22, 2012 to be exact, who would have believed it could happen, #SundaySupper trending #1 on Twitter.

The best part was that not only was Alexandra home from college, no one could have been more excited for me than all four of my children.  Alexandra came home because the Tampa Bay Times food editor, Janet Keeler, was coming to our home to do an article on Family Foodie and my mission to bring back #SundaySupper Around the Family Table in every home.  This was an honor in itself.

We “support” our children for so long, but the feeling a parent gets when they feel that “support” from their children is second to none.  My children have walked along side of me every step of the way this past year and were thrilled when they saw, #SundaySupper trending #1 on Twitter.  The funniest line of the night was, “It’s really weird that my Mom was on twitter, pinterest and instagram before me.”

Our journey in life is never alone and I couldn’t have done it without the unconditional support of our #SundaySupper Movement Group.  Our talented group of bloggers, amaze me every day with their blogs, recipes, dedication and inspiration.  Thank you for believing in me and holding my hand.

It is an honor to call you my friends.  If someone had told me that you could meet some of your best friends on twitter even two years ago, I would have told them they were crazy.  Yet, we are proof that it can happen and I am so thankful for your friendship.   I look forward to virtually breaking bread Around the Family Table with all of you every Sunday.

These women have been such a big part of  #SundaySupper since it’s  inception and pour as much of themselves into our mission as I do.  Renee Dobbs, Nicole Cook, Sunithi SelvarajEileen Gross, Carla Cardello, Jen Martinez, Liz Berg, Valerie Cathell, Angie Barrett, Donna Currie.  Thank you for being my sounding board and many times mind readers.

It is so exciting to be part of this movement with all of you.  Together we will Bring Back Sunday Supper Around the Family Table in every home.  It starts as one a day week but becomes a way of life that will shape the future.

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things ~ Mother Teresa


  1. bigbearswife says

    I love this!! Congratulations Isabel! and as my hubby said: “Sunday Supper, it’s happening now!!” haha :) so glad to be a part of this and so glad to be able to call you a friend!

  2. Renee Dobbs says

    Simply fantastic Isabel! I am so incredibly glad to be a part of #SundaySupper and even more to be your friend. The #SundaySupper team is a wonderful group and it is still only the beginning of greater things to come.

  3. says

    Congrats on all your success…your hard work with this mission is paying off big time!!! I’m so excited and honored to be part of this marvelous, supportive group! THANK YOU, my friend!

  4. says

    I am just now catching up and reading this post. So happy to hear about your children supporting you. My girls love to help me in the kitchen but they are so young. I hope they will be there for me as they age.

    • FamilyFoodie says

      Kris, there really is nothing better than feeling that support from your children. I love your posts with your girls. That’s where it starts, the time around the family table is so rewarding!

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