Cristina Ferrare

I am a big fan of cooking a large meal on Sunday and then “reinventing” leftovers during the week.  For busy Moms like me, this is key to feeding the family weeknight meals without the fuss, enabling us to spend more time Around the Family Table. Cristina Ferrare has taken this concept to a new […]


I am so honored to be breaking bread this week with one of my favorite Cookbook Authors, Cristina Ferrare. She has inspired me for years with her recipes and love for cooking with her family. Connecting with Cristina has given me an even deeper admiration for her.  She is truly an amazing and gracious woman.  I […]


Have you ever had a cookbook that you just love… the recipes almost became a part of the family?  You know it so well that you start to feel like you have connected with the author.  That’s how I feel about Cristina Ferrare and her recipes.  I was given her Cookbook, Family Entertaining Celebrating the […]


                          When I look at our Kitchen Table, it is so much more than just a piece of furniture in our home. It is not the most expensive piece of furniture that we own.   This poor thing has been used and abused. […]