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Cuban Sandwich

It’s hard for me to believe this reality… my kids are getting older.  I can’t believe I have one in grade school, one in middle school, one in high school and one in college.  As my children grow, I have learned how precious time is.  I picked up Reis and Riley on their first day of school with Gracie in tow and we headed to the park.  They had been asking  to try a Cuban Sandwich.  The Cuban Sandwich is so popular in our area but we had yet to try this Tampa delicacy.

Not only did we have a great afternoon at the park, we fell in love the Cuban Sandwich.  This recipe is perfect for reinventing leftovers.  Pork is a popular Sunday Supper or Weekday Supper Recipe for us and I just happened to have some leftovers.  It was so much fun surprising the boys with Gracie and a picnic basket filled with drinks and the Cuban Sandwich.

It is so true, the family table can be anywhere and the memories that are made will last a lifetime.  Sunday Supper, Weekday Supper, Lunch or dinner…this is an awesome sandwich.

Cuban Sandwich
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe is perfect when you have leftover pork.
Recipe type: Sandwich
Serves: 3
  • 1 loaf Cuban bread
  • 1-ounce yellow mustard
  • 4 dill pickles
  • 5 slices cooked ham sliced thin
  • 2 slices roast pork sliced thin or shredded
  • 1 slice imported Swiss cheese
  • 1-ounce butter
  1. Cut Cuban bread to desired size, common size is 7 inches (we made 3 sandwiches with one Cuban bread loaf
  2. Next, slice open the bread down the middle
  3. On the topside of the bread spread 1-ounce of mustard, evenly across Then place 4 sliced pickles on top of the mustard
  4. You then place 1 slice of Swiss cheese on top of the pickles
  5. Fold each slice of ham in half and place evenly on bottom of bread.
  6. On top of the ham, place pork
  7. You then join both halves of the sandwich.
  8. You are now ready to grill your Cuban sandwich.
  9. Use a sandwich grill if you have one, a waffle iron if not.
  10. Spread butter on top of the bread evenly.
  11. Close the grill, smashing the sandwich.
  12. Leave sandwich in the grill until top of bread turns to a golden brown, and top is crisp.
  13. Approximate time is 4 to 6 minutes.
  14. After the sandwich is crispy and the cheese has melted, remove the sandwich carefully and slice it diagonally, from corner to corner.

Kid Rating:  Ronnie 9.5,  Reis 9,  Riley8.5


  1. says

    I want one! This looks fabulous. When I lived in Miami we used to get them all the time, and it’s been 18 years since I’ve had one! Is that nuts? Your recipe looks delicious and I will definitely be trying this!

  2. says

    Nice Cuban Isabel! I know what your disbelief feels like, my baby is graduating college this year… Kinda lost without the kiddos. I don’t feel old enough to be without them :(

  3. says

    I really enjoy the taste of Cuban Sandwiches, weirdly enough the first one I ever had was from the freezer section of the grocery store, since then I’ve had them delicously fresh and I am in love with them!

  4. says

    I love Cuban sandwiches, and this looks like a good version. You can also use a frying pan and place a weight (like a foil-wrapped brick or another frying pan) on top of the sandwich. Yum, yum, yum!

  5. jesssica hay says

    I am a Tampa native and its been a year since I moved. I ask where can you get a Cuban sandwich where I live now and people look puzzled as to what that is!! I miss grabbing a Cuban and heading to the beaches!! Can’t wait to try and recreate such an awesome taste!

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