Won’t you join us for #SundaySupper?

What does Sunday Supper mean to you?  Does it bring back memories of your childhood?  Does it make you remember your Nonnie, Vo-Vo or Mom-Mom?

Do you have a tradition every Sunday? Is it Meatballs? Macaroni and Gravy or Pasta and Sauce? A Pot Roast or Pork Roast perhaps?

When you think back to your childhood, where do you remember your family gathering?  What room invokes the most memories?

Is Sunday Supper about the food or the memories that are made by spending time Around the Family Table?

While Sunday Supper has always been a tradition in our home, I did not realize how much it meant to my children until my oldest left for college this year.   When it was time for her to leave, she told me the thing she would miss most was the time spent Around the Family Table.

It is true the Family Table is the heart of the home and where memories are made.  Most families that commit to Sunday Supper will find that their families love it so much that it will inspire them to cook home cooked meals during the week.

My mission is to bring back the tradition of Sunday Supper Around the Family Table in every home. And what better way to do it than…enjoying great friends on twitter and inspiring each other with tips, suggestions and recipes.  The only ingredient required is Love!

Some weeks we have fun themes.  Our #SaucySuperBowlParty and #Oscars Party  were a total blast!  The appetizers for these parties were unbelievable!

I love getting amazing Food Bloggers together and planning an entire  #ProgressiveDinner party  and showcase recipes from Soup to Dessert with wine recommendations and cocktails.

The best part is, you never know who will show up to #SundaySupper.  We were super excited to have Chef Mario Batali show up one week and live tweet his Sunday Supper for us. I love his Rustic style of cooking.  Who wouldn’t want some of his Chicken, Brussell Sprouts and Apple Dessert… Come on he even included a Cocktail for us! Love this guy!

Join us every Sunday on Twitter starting at 1:00 PM EST…. Share your supper recipes, stories, tips and inspiration! All you have to do is use #SundaySupper or folllow along on www.tweetchat.com.

We are always looking for more recipes… if you have an old family recipe, an easy one pot recipe, a kid favorite recipe, I would love to feature you!

We would be honored to have you Around the Family Table…Together we can make a difference in every home by Bringing Back the Tradition of Sunday Supper!


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    Great idea !!!!! I am in !! We have four kids, and to tell you the truth, we have family supper together every single day ! It has always been our favourite time to sit and hang out together. We light candles at EVERY meal. It seems to make it peaceful and enjoyable. Those dim lights hide all the dishes too. haha!
    Thanks for letting me know about #SundaySupper on twitter. Can’t wait to join in.
    Lynne xx

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    We eat dinner together every night – one way or the other. Sunday dinner has always been a big deal around here, though. My youngest said something to me the other day that made me question if I was putting on my best show. She said, “I can’t wait until Easter so we can use the Noritake dishes we bought in Japan.” Now I wonder if using it shouldn’t be a Sunday tradition too…

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